> Hitler still had to make some crucial decisions in the war if Germany were to be victorious. In this essay I will explore the decisions Hitler made and decide whether these were appropriate decisions or foolish.">

Blitzkrieg essay

Their tactical freedom, provided by their superior mobility and quick response air support, allowed them to rapidly advance along the path of least resistance, much like water do in a flood, or to produce one, with the superior firepower of their tank guns and air support.

It would appear that Hitler decision to attack the countries in the west had not been purely strategic, nor had it solely Blitzkrieg essay military purposes.


There is little doubt that the hilly, heavily wooded Ardennes could have been relatively easily defended by the Allies, even against the bulk of the German armoured units.

The 1st factor was that after the defeat in World War 1 there were enough open minds in the German higher ranks ready to examine new ideas.

Blitzkrieg Case Essay Sample

Combined tank, artillery, infantry and air forces were used. Willmott had noted that deep battle contained two important differences: However, Hitler, who was a Corporal in the Great War, understood that these lumbering metal giants were to be the future of warfare and used this to his advantage.

The results were exaggerated, and the Western Allies concluded that the "city-busting" techniques were now a part of the German way in war.


So Blitzkrieg demanded not just tanks but also that they will be highly reliable, have long range, and be properly accompanied by a following mobile fleet of support vehicles of all types. Though German fighter presence over Normandy increased over the next days and weeks, it never approached the numbers the Allies commanded.

Paradoxically, from that period onward it became its weakness. The plan was carefully laid. During the six day war, Israel was fully aware that it had to dominate the skies if it wanted to succeed in conquering the Arabian nations with blitzkrieg.

Schwerpunkt has been translated as centre of gravity, crucial, focal point and point of main effort. They rapidly encircled massive enemy forces, cut supply lines, and made other large units collapse and lose their morale.

The Reichswehr was influenced by its analysis of pre-war German military thought, in particular infiltration tactics, which at the end of the war had seen some breakthroughs on the Western Front and the manoeuvre warfare which dominated the Eastern Front.

Blitzkrieg Essay

German attempts to weather the storm and fight out of encirclements failed due to the Russian ability to continue to feed armoured units into the attack, maintaining the mobility and strength of the offensive, arriving in force deep in the rear areas, faster than the Germans could regroup.

Air reconnaissance then drops photographs to the mobile headquarters to inform the commander of what resistance lay ahead. The tactic was developed in Germany by an army officer called Hans Guderian. The results were exaggerated, and the Western Allies concluded that the "city-busting" techniques were now a part of the German way in war.Dec 14,  · View and download blitzkrieg essays examples.

Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your blitzkrieg essay. The concept of Blitzkrieg or lightning war was developed because the Germans didn't want to face another trench war such as the one experienced in World War /5(2).

Free Essay: Blitzkrieg The foundation of mobile warfare has its roots in Ancient and Medieval World. The German Army late in World War I initially developed. Blitzkrieg Essay Words | 7 Pages Blitzkrieg The word 'Blitz' itself is a shortened form of the German word 'Blitzkrieg' meaning lightening war, it means a heavy bombing attack from the air.

Blitzkrieg Case Essay Sample. Blitzkrieg means “lightning war”. Blitzkrieg was first used by the Germans in World War Two and was a tactic based on speed and surprise and needed a military force to be around tanks supported by planes and foot soldiers. Watch video · A German term for “lightning war,” blitzkrieg is a military tactic designed to create disorganization among enemy forces through the use of mobile forces and locally concentrated firepower.

Blitzkrieg essay
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