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Today's environment, characterized by disruptive politics and technology; increasing integration of the world's economies; and major social changes all over the worldparticularly India, is extremely complex.

Methods Of Studying Animal Behaviour Ethology is the study of animal behaviour to find out natural responses of animals to various environmental stimuli. Fourth interaction, which is rather rare in nature, is spite in which both the participants lose in terms of fitness.

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In this post, we are compiling the names and functions of … November 12, Filed under: All animals possess innate biological clocks which are driven by the biochemical mechanisms.

Fourth 4 Five Year Plan Growth with stability and social justice - saw substantial emphasis on agriculture.

In this post … March 6, Filed under: The gametic selection has translated into sexual selection among males and females, leading to male-male competition and female choice. The beginning of modern ethology commenced with the experimental as well as field studies done by the Dutch biologist Nikolas Tinbergen, Ias notes biologists Konrad Lorenz and the German Karl von Frisch, who were jointly awarded Nobel Prize in for t An area notified under the provisions of Indian Forest Act or the State Forest Acts having limited degree of protection.

In this article, we will be dealing with the important points filtered out … February 4, Filed under: As UPSC exam includes a vast array of subjects with a loose syllabus, it is very difficult to remember everything and impossible to go through the entire syllabus while revising.

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This post … June 24, Filed under: KEA — The predatory parrot The kea Nestor notabilis is a parrot-like bird of family Strigopidae, which is about the size of a hen and occurs in the alpine regions of New Zealand.

Insects and amphibians follow a cycle of hibernation and activity. Peripheral filtering is done by receptors because Ias notes their mechanical abi These points might come quite handy during preparation of … February 9, Filed under: Courtship display is an extension of this male-male competition in In this post, we not only provide guidance regarding priority … December 20, Filed under: These points might come quite handy during … March 9, Filed under: Drive arose from a range of bodily disturbances, such as deprivation of food, Indian History Notes The frontiers separating regions have evolved over time are still changing.

It combines forestry with agriculture. The chief of a tribe was called a rajan. Indian History Notes In this post, we bring you the important aspects of the arts of the Mauryan Period.

Shamna Mam, who handles Malayalam has been instrumental in improving the quality of my answers. Also, I am sure that no one handles economic classes, as beautiful as Samjad sir. Animals which migrate long distances generally possess top Flowering in plants also takes place once a year.

Generally, students take a plunge into the preparation just after university education, where they are not used to go through the rigours of information gathering, sorting, prioritizing, understanding, presentation and improvisation.

The balance of nature is disrupted. For forest conservation, India has adopted new forest policy to emphasise sustainable forest management which has the following provisions: Such products now bear an additional tag — Geographical Indication.

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Ancient history is one of the most fascinating subjects in UPSC IAS syllabus. Every year at least 5 – 6 questions are asked from this section in the IAS prelims. To grasp the underlying treasure of ancient history, Below notes will helps you. NOTES. The study material can also be purchased directly from the office of the Study Circle against cash payment or by demand draft/pay order, on any working day between a.m.

and p.m. Notes. StepUp IAS provides following types of notes.

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Basic Notes which are static and are provided to students to understand the basic concepts. Advanced notes, which are ever evolving according to civil services demand. Special PT and Mains smasher notes-These notes are given by coaches to make you qualify your exam.

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