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Penang is also famed for its traditional biscuits such as the tau sar pneah. Creative relationship with customers that understanding the needs and expectations of customers and be able to exceeds them. Small number of employees 2. At the same time, if everyone in Time Square carries Padini Bag, the other will be curious and wish to be part of the culture too.

A case study on Padini Malaysia Essay

All operations staffs very clear the importance operations objectives and their implications. Padini brand will become more popular.

Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara - Case Study Example

It leads to more effective operation for internal customers. For Mutiara, quality means consistently producing impeccable services, using top-class and durable materials to create the right impression and environment, and anticipating and preventing all potential problems in advance.

Speed Speed means do things fast. The order winner is exceptional personal service quality.

Penang Mutiara Essay Sample

Buddhists observe Wesak Day while the Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi. For to develop resort and places holiday to become effects for environment quality although can attract tourist come visit in country.

Penang was recognised as having the Best Street Food in Asia by Time magazine inciting that "nowhere else can such great tasting food be so cheap". You are free to make assumptions to elaborate the case specifics but need to indicate that you are doing this.

Penang Island

High utilization of rooms 6. Every one know that Hong Kong TV programmes is attractive, consumers like to watch TV at the same time they also like to take the actor or actress as their image role model. Dependability arrangement reduces the chance of repeating input resources or some resources leaving unused increasing the cost of maintain or store fee, or labor cost.

High-quality operations prevents wasting time, re-do things, or flowed service which would be inconvenient for internal customers. Although it is full of challenge built this domestic brand in this full of stiff competition country.

Dispelling some serious troubles or problem always needs more staff or more time to do it, thus, it results in the labor cost added, such as part-time salary, overtime compensation. Apart from it, Padini also can give the post card brochures to customers to increase the brand awareness.

Dependability Dependability means do things on time. The model draws four progressions for operation function. The more minimizing mistake, the more minimize the excess labor costs to pay for doing excess works; third, less mistake and using top-class and durable materials also result in saving expenditures such as maintaining fee, cost of materials resulted by mistakestransporting fees, and other excess expenditures.

This bridge is also the host for an international event known as the Penang Bridge Marathon. Jobs are mainly seasonal, low paid with long hours.

For something with a difference, take a day trip to Pulau Jerejak, now a beautiful resort island with a wide range of facilities for your recreational needs. As a conclusion, Penang is a beautiful, magnificent and historical state in Malaysia.

Car parking can cope with coach visitors and car parking visitors but car parking could easily be extended to field parking during dry periods.Aug 21,  · Mutiara Beach Resort Penang heralds a new standard for Asian resort hotels.

Located on a prime beachfront at Teluk Bahang, otherwise known as the 'glowing bay', it nestles in hectares (18 acres) of landscaped tropical The Red Writter. Penang Mutiara Case Study Essay 1. Introduction Penang Mutiara is made up of a sq km island and a sq km strip of coastal land strategically located on the north-western coast of.

Published: Mon, 01 May Penang Island or also known by the name of Pearl of the Orient is a small island located in the north-western coast of Peninsular Malaysia covering sq Km and also a narrow strip comprising sq km over on the mainland known as Seberang Perai.

Case Study Operational Objectives At The Penang Mutiara Question 1. Describe how you think Wernie Will a)make sure that the way he manages the hotel is appropriate to the way it competes for business For get a biggest development, and get more success, Penang Mutiara has to: Expand its business in other areas to acquire more market shares /5(1).

Botanical Garden Essay; Botanical Garden Essay. Words Oct 25th, 5 Pages. Moreover, the Penang Botanic Gardens Department provide us with programmes that focus on the historical and cultural heritage of the gardens, the plant collections, natural landscape and rich diversity of flora and fauna.

Essay Olive Garden Case Analysis. Free Essay: Question 1. Case study of Penang mutiara; Case study of Penang mutiara. Words Aug 13th, 9 Pages. Question 1. Describe how you think Wernie Will a)make sure that the way he manages the hotel is appropriate to the way it competes for business Case study Penang Mutiara Topic Operations Performance: The five .

Penang case essay
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